19 March 2012

Wanted: Early adult Common Green Darners

We have received our first report of Common Green Darner (Anax junius) for the state: 18 March near Pointe  Mouille in southern Wayne County. While nearly every dragonfly enthusiast eagerly awaits the start of the field season, not too many of us are ready with a net to snag the first green darners of the season (which in any event are not too easy to catch). Thus, the earliest adult voucher we have is in mid-April.

With the incredibly early spring this year, just about anyone has the opportunity to provide a new early voucher date for Common Green Darner. We invite you to get out your nets and snag one anywhere in the state. Let us know in the comments if you get one! Don't forget, you can see this page on how to collect, prepare, and submit vouchers. The voucher template is now available on the downloads page. If you need glassine envelopes, contact Mark O'Brien (mfobrien AT gmail DOT com) and he can send you a bunch.

Establishing flight seasons for each species is just another valuable piece of data that can be obtained from collecting vouchers. Another potential use for sampling early-arriving odonates is future molecular sampling to determine source populations. Therefore, we'd prefer a voucher. However, Common Green Darner is among the species in which a photograph is acceptable. Please note it needs to be a mature male, or female or immature male (the latter unlikely this time of year) if "bullseye" on forehead is clearly visible in photo. See the post on photos regarding instructions on submitting the photo to Odonata Central, and then indicating it on your voucher template.

Good luck!

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