10 November 2012

Hangers On...

Sympetrum vicinum om 11/09/2011

I was out at Pittsfield Preserve in Washtenaw Co.  yesterday around 1 pm, and the temperature was about 53°F, but sunny.  Lo and behold, a male Autumn Meadowhawk (Sympetrum vicinum) was warming itself on the packed dirt path ahead of me.  Some years, we have records of these as late as December, if there has been no really hard frost or several days of below-freezing temps.  Autumn Meadowhawk is a good name for this species that lingers into the gray days of November, only to alight in front of us on a sunny day -- a dash of red on a sea of tans and browns.
I know we get all fired up about early records, but of course, late records are just as important.  It would interesting to know just how late this species was 50 years ago in SE Michigan.