The Michigan Odonata Atlas will provide species accounts for all the dragonfly and damselfly species found in Michigan, the first compilation of the state's Odonata since Edward Kormondy's undertaking in 1958 (see the Downloads page for a link to his publication). The Atlas will provide distribution maps, habitat information, conservation status, and historical background, all specific to Michigan. The Atlas will serve as a guide to monitoring changes in abundance and distribution of these insects, which are excellent biological indicators of the health of our ecosystems.

The Atlas will be based on data gathered by the Michigan Odonata Survey, which was organized in 1996 (but includes historical data and specimens dating back to before 1900).  Species accounts will be based primarily on voucher specimens, of which there are approximately 30,000 already in the MOS collection. As we put the Atlas together, we'll be identifying some obvious gaps in our knowledge, and make specific requests for help in collecting target species or in particular regions during field season 2012. Stay tuned to this site for more details!

Authors of the Atlas are Mark O'Brien, insect collections manager at the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology and coordinator of the MOS. His blog is Michigan Odonotes. Julie Craves is the director of the Rouge River Bird Observatory at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Julie and her husband Darrin O'Brien (no relation to Mark!) have been avid participants in the MOS and write the Urban Dragon Hunters blog.

Mark and Julie take a break in the field. They probably are not
discussing the Atlas.