• Voucher template. Use this spreadsheet template to enter information about voucher specimens you collect and will submit to the Michigan Odonata Survey. The spreadsheet includes three worksheets: the template itself, instructions on how to fill it out, and a checklist that includes the scientific name and author for every species so that you can copy and paste the correctly spelled names into the template. Available as an Excel spreadsheet or Open Office spreadsheet.
  • Of historical interest, Directions for collecting and preserving specimens of dragonflies for museum purposes by E. B. Williamson, 1916 (PDF).
  • Michigan checklist (coming soon).
  • County lists (coming soon). Download a current list of species found in any Michigan county. Compare to the Michigan checklist for species that are needed, and go out and collect! 
  • Catalogue of the Odonata of Michigan by E. Kormondy, 1958 (PDF). This is the last published state-wide work!